DAY #5: Medical Clinic #2

We were deeply blessed by God; the fullness of His presence after the invitation by Hermano Jesus led to many new brothers and sisters in Jesus! We witnessed it first-hand…but to all you who supported us financially and with your prayers…you are more than a part of the blessing! We cannot thank-you enough as our work for the Lord “Officially” comes to an end. We praise God for you, and all God has allowed us to experience!


Day 4: Medical Clinic #1 – God is glorious!

Wish I could post pictures…but the internet is timing the media adds out on me! We are just praising God for His glory! The clinic was a small one, but one that God did great work at…As many committed/recommitted their life to Jesus! We give Him all the praise, and thank you for all your prayers…The roads were pretty crazy, and will be more so tomorrow. God is good, and His protection great.